Suddenly the entire music industry jumps on the “make an album about booty” band wagon

Regardless of how good Resident Evil 4 was, it still tainted the series completely

Beyoncé is not the queen shut up

open RP







Sasuke scoffed and glared at the girl standing before him. “Sharpay Evans. I know you were the one who ordered my older brother to destroy my clan. For that, you shall die!” He roared, closing his eyes and activating his Sharingan. ” I WILL AVENGE MY FAMILY!”


"I’d love to see you try, sasuke"

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Opening line that is used on me the most:

"I have a really big dick wanna see lol"

Final Fantasy XV - Omnis Lacrima Lyrics (Dolby TrueHD - Official Soundtrack) - YouTube

I had no idea this was released but omfg Yoko you are a fucking babe

It bothers me

If celebrities really sell their souls to satan I might try it because I need money

So I’m losing weight very quickly and I’m not even trying to lose weight and it’s really starting to freak me out now what if this is really bad

I miss 90s furniture

Fuck love

Scared to go to sleep at night in case I wake up with worse symptoms and then realise it’s the end