Pumpkin spiced arsenic just for you

Not only that, complaining that a game is “unplayable” and “awful” because its not 60 FPS or 1080p or has multiplayer, makes you an absolute fucking tool with no appreciation for creative direction and effort that development teams put in to making something for people to enjoy, only for it to be dismissed by a fucking awful reason. 

Fuck off with your 60 FPS only bullshit, its really fucking irritating. All it does is make gameplay look and feel ridiculously cheap like a really shit soap opera.

My nudes are probably on the internet


Trying to log into ArcheAge

Today Matthew, I am going to be Satan

Suddenly the entire music industry jumps on the “make an album about booty” band wagon

Regardless of how good Resident Evil 4 was, it still tainted the series completely

Beyoncé is not the queen shut up