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I’m sick and tired of ‘gamers’ that literally want the same mechanic to every game they ever play. I fucking detest people complaining that puzzles shouldn’t be a big part of games any more because of how ‘out-dated’ that type of gameplay mechanic is. Really? Having to use your brain to progress further in a game is actually engaging to me rather than the cawadoody 360 kill shot bull shit that seems to be a thing. That’s not skill, that’s being a fucking bell end. So many games I own now I literally never have any trouble blasting through them in a day or two, because the linearity is so fucking strong I’m basically told what to do start to finish. I used to love getting so stuck I would want to spit in frustration and have a tantrum because I couldn’t work out what to do. I am fucking mad. Fuck.

I don’t even know what to do, I’m slumming it at my friends because I’ve been kicked out by my alcoholic mother and have no where else to go. I can tell my friend doesn’t even want me here anymore so I’m basically running out of options. There’s no use talking to my mum because I’ll get the same response I always get and I literally have no where else to stay

It’s 2014 and people still think shaving to look prepubescent looks good


Friend: Ill be there in 5 minutes are you ready?



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